Our Team


As the in-house operator for Christopher Robin Real Estate, Linda performs human resources duties, such as recruitment, hiring, and employee relations. She instructs staff members in their duties to comply with real estate regulations. Her efforts maintain our compliance with employment law and create a positive work environment. She educates staff members about their benefits and helps them get the most from available resources.


His vision of prosperity for all parties inspires the team. As a leader and a mentor, he encourages people to achieve their potential in the real estate business. In addition to providing leadership, he devotes his energy to identifying and acquiring houses. His track record of success in the fix-and-flip industry attracts investors. He works hard to connect investors with ideal properties and produce positive returns in a dynamic business environment.


Buying new properties occupies much of Will's time. He also researches innovative new strategies for finding and purchasing houses with profit potential. His networking skills and talent for spotting market trends add value to our organization. His enthusiasm insulates the organization from complacency and positions the company for future success.


As the asset manger at Christopher Robin, Julie develops budgets that leverage the most value from each dollar. She pursues strategies that improve real estate values through detailed market analysis. As a coach, she guides other asset managers participating in Project Anastasia.


She devotes herself to organizing the complex paperwork required for each acquisition. Her efforts contribute to the success of every transaction as she complete thorough due diligence. From contract to closing, she monitors the details and keeps projects on schedule.


When problems arise, Kristen breaks down walls to create solutions. She serves as the glue that keeps the organization running smoothly by enabling effective team communication. As the office generalist, she can step in and help at any point in the process.


House flipping demands an efficient management of supplies. Ewald works as utility chief and expeditor. He extracts value from sourcing quality materials at good prices and securing their delivery in a timely manner. He completes permitting applications with local authorities so that rehabilitation projects can proceed on schedule. As our lead spiritual chaplain, he promotes morale and helps us act with gratitude and humility.


Fixing and flipping all comes down to the sale, and Nydia has mastered the art of connecting ideal buyers with their home ownership dreams. She knows how to get the message out offline and online so that people looking for quality homes know about our offerings. She continually explores new ideas for selling homes and leads new ventures when opportunities appear.


When buyers enter a contract, Eliya takes the helm. She organizes paperwork, tracks down answers, and serves as our liaison with title companies. She is ready to resolve any real estate title issue that might come up. She pursues regulatory compliance and the satisfaction of all parties involved by the time a contract is ready to close.

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